Gossard Designers Round Up March

Welcome to the first Gossard Round Up!

to our first and very exciting monthly round up of what we have been getting up to here at Gossard HQ. This monthly blog is written by us, the Gossard designers, and is designed to give you a little bit of insight and knowledge into what we get up to in, and outside, the office!

For our first Round Up we're reflecting on March as, not only was March the start of Spring, it was also time to start designing our AW2015 season!

Gossard's March Round Up



  • We flew to Miami to get inspired, bought some classic Gossard prints and began piecing it all together. Now we are well and truely on our way to designing even more beautiful lingerie for every occasion.
  • We were also extremely proud (and excited!) to announce that we joined forces with Coppafeel in a bid to raise awareness about breast cancer in women of ALL ages. From October 2014 we hope to have Coppafeel labels in all of our bras. These labels will encourage women to regularly check their breasts for any abnormalities or signs of breast cancer.
  • The first two ranges from our AW14 season (yes we're designing two seasons ahead!) were launched online. Lola and Luxury Lace in Aqua are bright, colourful and designed to make a statement!
These are just a few of the things which make up our day to day as Gossard designers.  Keep your eyes peeled to see what April has brought us.


Laura Wade

Lingerie & Swimwear Designer

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Posted: 28 April 2014



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