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Celebrating Valentine’s Day has never been so awkward! Being locked down at home with the same routine over and over. Funnily enough, Valentine’s Day 2021 actually falls on a Sunday this year so why swop your jogging bottoms for a suspender…?


Christmas is finally coming, and after that long and difficult year for many of you, it is time to ENJOY, time to INDULGE yourself and time to START a Christmas WISH LIST.

We have helped you to put a wish list together depending on your mood, your style, your body or simply your imagination.

Do the holidays seem so far away and you need some new lingerie to cheer you up?

Wait no longer; your besties are now available in new colours that are soft, warm and sexy to make you feel special from the first layer to the last…even when working from home!

This month is about talking about a subject close to our hearts : our boobs 😊

Whatever your age, it is vital to keep on looking at your body and giving it the attention it deserves.  Here are some facts to prove the importance of checking your boobs at least once a month.

It is time for new resolutions and one should be about YOU! Making you feel; special, confident, glamorous every day, ready to conquer the world and make all dreams come true.

“Gossard is delighted to join forces with CoppaFeel! and has asked Harri, the Marketing and Brand Partnerships Manager at CoppaFeel! to talk more about CoppaFeel! and what they do to raise on breast cancer awareness”